Fire and Sand

Tonight I learned that the special light today – the sun never came through and it had a strange orange shine – originated from the effects of the fires in Spain/Portugal, like sand from Northern Africa.

I had brought my camera, heading for the forest, for some last shots of the autumn leaves – but the morning resulted in these shots of the unusual phenomenon. Not very clear or bright, but you can even see orange glittering water!



20 comments on “Fire and Sand

  1. We had this in the UK two days ago and people with breathing difficulties were advised to stay indoors and keep the windows closed until it had passed. I was very eerie here too!

  2. We experienced this yesterday, Leya. The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia also helped with the phenomenon, bathing everywhere in a surreal orange-yellow glow. It was both eerie and calm at the same time.

    • Interesting but as you say, eerie. As we did not know until they said it on TV, we found it very strange. It should have been clear and sunny.

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