The City’s Country Road

Of course there were colours in Łódź as well. And, when I think of the country road in my post this morning…with the oak trees on parade…These city alleyways seem truly related – even the one without trees. Somehow the urban equivalents?


14 comments on “The City’s Country Road

  1. Another thing I missed … a pastel street. I found Lodz to be a very colourful city on many levels.
    Mentalgassi, is the name of the group of 3 German artists that has put faces onto an old fountain, that there are plans to demolish because it floods the City Hall that it’s opposite. Mentalgassi, put faces to things all over Europe.

  2. Yes, I totally agree …. I found Łódź very colourful on many levels. Great images, but I hadn’t expected anything else from you. I must have missed the pastel-colored houses.

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