WPC: Layered

Layered? What could be more layered than the giant pancaces of New Zealand. Impressive!

The Pancake cliffs, New Zealand

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    • Glad you liked it – you will love NZ! We went by plane to Auckland, North Island, and hired a car for a month. We drove the whole South Island as well. The pancaces are in the south, as well as some of the best hiking areas in south west near Milford Sound. But Everything and everywhere in this country is stunningly interesting, serene and beautiful. They take good care of their natural environment and let you experience it in so many ways. If you are into white water rafting or bungy jumping or surfing or gliding…they have it all. we only hiked the usual way though. Queenstown is a big sports center in the south. You can also fly directly to the South Island.
      Good luck – not at all envious…!

  1. Punakaiki pancake rocks are simply amazing. I’ve been there – the way the spray surges up and around them while you’re out on the walkways adds to the drama and beauty of the place.

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  4. Some of my favorite pictures of New Zealand are from pancake rock. I used a header photo in my blog from that area. Blog name ”How do you become the person you were meant to be..”

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