Can I please come in for a crash landing…

Dear Jo, I wanted to create a Monday Walk post…but now my computer is in for a total crash. In fact it is half way through. Fortunately I had a vague feeling this would soon happen…so I bought a new computer two weeks ago. But I think it is very troublesome to start up a new computer with new programmes and new ways of using them…So first,

I ventured out of my sick bed yesterday and as the sun was shining, I really tried to enjoy my walk. Coughing and dragging my weary body through the forest….collecting some pictures for you… before I slumped back into bed…totally exhausted. Hope you will enjoy them;-D


53 reaktioner på ”Can I please come in for a crash landing…

  1. oh wow you poor thing, do hope you are feeling better soon for yours sake as much as mine – I am a brand new follower who has discovered you today thanks to Jo.

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  3. So very sorry to read you are sick and diagnosed with pneumonia – but why oh why did you go out walking????? Mind you I am prone in doing ”silly” things like this too. Ignored chest pain, breathing problems and when my husband found me in bed ! In a coma Doctor in ICU told us later about the problem. So, I urge you to do what your friendly Doctor tells you and no more walking until he gives you the green light 😁😁😁 for now a big hug from the other side of the world and get better soon. Oh, btw, good luck with your new PC.

    • Thank you for good advice, Carina! And the computer…I am still trying to figure out. Maybe I am getting old…because new technical devices don’t give me a thrill anymore – rather a chill then😐. But this time there was no choice.
      Had I even given pneumonia a thought – of course I would not have done that two hour hike. I thought some healthy fresh air would do me good. Well, well.

  4. Jag vet inte vad som händer jag hinner inte skriva klart förrän det skickas men… krya på dig skulle jag skriva och visst är det härligt när man väl orkar ut efter man varit sjuk men orken tar tid att få tillbaka. Dumma dator också jag tror min börjar ge upp snart och jag förstår dig jag vill inte heller starta upp med en ny dator och alla installationer av program fy vad jobbigt. Kram på dig

  5. Goodness, A C, you are not well and go traipsing around a forest! Just look after yourself! Lovely forest images, and how did you create the tree-Lagotto?

  6. The walk is even more precious knowing what you went through for it. Coddle yourself and get well soon! Although my computer is fine, we’ve been losing internet much too often. I got my post for tomorrow done after the last outage, just in case it went out again before bedtime.


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