Thursday Thoughts – Hasse & Tage – (‘Swedish Words Ltd’)

This tiny exhibition at Kulturen in Lund was a real hit for me. I  only took a few photos, but hopefully they convey something of what and who they were. Some of their movies  are still on TV every year…and Hasse is still here, even if he does not write or perform anymore. The Apple War and The Simple-Minded Murderer are my absolute favourites.

Nostalgia…yes, but they will never die! Hans Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson – the number one comic artists of Sweden, the best critics of politics and politicians, the front figures working for a better world and environmental awareness. They brought out the best in people…by using their extreme talent for words.

Unfortunately this kind of sophisticated humour does no longer exist. (People are not good at words anymore…) Word jugglers, enthusiasts – ask any Swede my age, and they can recite something from ”Om sannolikhet” (”On Likelyhood”)





6 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Hasse & Tage – (‘Swedish Words Ltd’)

  1. I’m with you on people having less verbal prowess, and the loss of sophisticated humour – I miss that. We had Monty Python, the Goons, Morecambe and Wise in the UK….nobody of that calibrate anymore….

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