A Sunny Day…One of Few

To remind me of one of the few sunny days this summer. Cold, windy and showers every day – this Swedish summer of 2017 will not be one remembered for its glorious weather. This week is also the last holiday week for many Swedes – always a bit terrifying…but nowadays it doesn’t matter that much how the summer was. I am lucky to be free!

17 reaktioner på ”A Sunny Day…One of Few

  1. Noooo, cold, windy and showers for your summer. Maybe for the last month for the summer, it will be better weather and more sunny days 🙂 Here in Australia we are still in winter. It has been pretty mild this year and yesterday we had 18’C/64’F. Today was about the same. But next week we are back to cold and wet again. Happy summer, Ann Christine. Take care and have fun with your camera ❤

  2. Ah, those poppies in the fields of wheat! The more you and Vivi say about the summer this year, the more I think how lucky I was when I came over!

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