Perspective – 1, 2 or 3?

What perspective do you use – for the most part – when you shoot your photos?

I like the total difference it makes to the picture – depending on what you focus on.

These three pictures were taken from the same spot – but I try to communicate three different ”feelings”. Simple, but interesting. Of course we decide according to what we want to say…but I know we all have our preferences…

…so what is yours? Why?

27 reaktioner på ”Perspective – 1, 2 or 3?

  1. I like the mystery in the first shot but I also like the second for the same reason. Why are chairs arranged in front of boats. Who would be the audience??

  2. Leya, this is such a fascinating question about perspective. The first is my favorite, not only because it shows the textures and colors revealed by surviving in a challenging environment, but also because it leaves more to the imagination. Yet, if one is to tell a story, context is often crucial for others to understand details and meanings from larger frames of reference.

  3. Artistically, I prefer the first. I take quite a lot of close-ups and really like them. But the other two are shots I would take as well. As mentioned previously, I think they show more of the overall story and sometimes I just want people to see what the place looks like, so I would go with one of those.


  4. I like context – the story a picture reveals – so I go for the third shot. It speaks to me of boating on a lake – of contemplation sitting on the bench, the summery outdoors, boat sheds, long summery evenings …,.

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