Thursday Thoughts – Some Nordic Magic…

Last week I, Viveka and Sue, visited Kyrkö Mosse and the cars buried there. The athmosphere here is very special, and you cannot but feel it – in your heart and bones. There is also something with the grasses, the soft, green moss and the brown rust…

…something that touches you deeply.

And it is not only the contrast of the soft againts the rough or the living against the dead or the fragrance against the decay…

This Something touches your very soul.

At least if you are Swedish or Scandinavian…


…you will feel the Magic…


Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

It is all around you…

…and you half expect Princess Tuvstarr sitting there, gazing down into the water…

…and maybe she still is…because she, and John Bauer who once created the watercolour of her – they are both part of our national heritage. Many of us grew up with Bauer’s fantastic paintings,  especially Tuvstarr and the moose Skutt.

Tiny, pretty princesses, handsome princes and noblemen, bold young lads, old witches and giant trolls of the deep forests of the North – they are all an eternal and vibrant part of Sweden´s national heritage through the genius of artist JOHN BAUER, the Art Nouveau master of Nordic mysticism.

For more of John Bauer’s art, click here.


36 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Some Nordic Magic…

  1. A-C, what a wonderful … post. Believe it or not … when I worked my camera against nature and the moss .. I was thinking of John Bauer too.

  2. You’ve definitely caught the mystical quality of it, and I love the slide show. 🙂 🙂
    Tell me- does Leya mean something in Swedish? These days I never know if I should call you Leya or Ann Christine.

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