Thursday Thoughts – A Goodbye

Summer it is, and I just have to visit The Garden of My Dreams – maybe for the last time. The old couple owning it, will sell it this summer. If it is not already sold… To sneak in is maybe wrong, but somehow I just have to… say goodbye.

Every year I have talked to the little man and his beautiful wife, about all their travels throughout this world to collect plants, and about the birds he kept ringing every spring.

Some of my favourites are still in flower, and if you follow me through the garden, I will show you some of them. My absolute favourites are the thistles, so they will need a picture of their own. I hope you will enjoy the flowers just as much as I do.



10 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – A Goodbye

  1. Så många vackra blommor. Känner igen de flesta men det finns en blå stängel under taklöken som är ny för mej.
    Trädgrenen med det lilla hjärtat tycker jag är fint.

Halva verket är läsarens - så, vad säger Du? As the second half is the reader's - I'd love to have Your line!

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