My Oldest Friend

Last night I lost my oldest friend, Anita. We have known each other for more than 40 years, and never lost contact. A tough lady, redheaded and strong willed. In the beginning, when we worked together, I was a bit afraid of her harsh speaking and straight forward attitude, but soon learned she had a heart of gold.

We found we had the same interests – birds, flowers and dogs. We had so many good laughs together… with some spring birdwatching and dog walking and talking…How I will miss her. So much. My eyes seem never to get dry.

She had no children, no family, only a brother – sharing the same mother but different fathers. Anita had such style and good taste, and her brilliant knowledge in so many areas took her to the top of entering a TV show. And I am missing her happy, low laughter too. My friend, Anita.

People could always turn to her for help – she helped others far too much and kept too little for her own needs.

The phone rang early this morning. I had not slept well for several nights, because I had been sitting by her side, watching her fade away. All her life she had been the master and commander of her own life, working in Italy and Switzerland, and back home again. The last two years  she lived at a home for elderly people with dementia – and could no longer decide over her own living or doings. Her ”inmates” did not speak much, and there was nobody interested in dogs or flowers, or birds. And Anita was a social person…She never found a new friend there, and every time I came visiting her, she said she wanted to leave. And to have a dog again.


She had many dogs throughout her life, and a kennel for several years – pugs. She imported a great bitch from England, and with her and her offspring, she won everything – home and abroad. Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin…in short, a champion kennel.

To be allowed to stay at this home, she had to let go of her last dog. That was a devastating blow to her spirit, and she never really recovered from it.

I miss you very much, Anita. Thank you for letting me know you, for keeping me warm by your fire.









28 comments on “My Oldest Friend

  1. Dogs are so important to us especially when we age. It is a greater shame this home did not allow visits from dogs. Some nursing homes here have resident dogs. The folk love them and become animated around them.

  2. Such a moving and beautiful tribute to your dear friend Anita, both your lovely post and the precious time you spent by her side during her last days. I send loving thoughts to you. ❤

  3. So sorry to hear this news. I know we talked about your friend and what you could do to enrich her life. I am sure you did everything possible including being with her as her life faded. Hugs to you as you grieve.

  4. So sorry to hear this Lena – No wonder you miss your friend she sounds like a tremendous person and after so many years her absence from your life is huge. Such a sad ending for her too without a dog but your company must have been a great comfort

  5. I am so very sad for your loss, Ann-Christine, and sending heartfelt condolences and lots of hugs. You have posted a beautiful tribute to your friend.

  6. Anita sounds like a wonderful person who made the world a brighter place and through you we have got to know a little bit about her too. We are so sorry for your loss Ann-Christine and we send hugs and love your way xxx

  7. Thinking of you, Ann-Christine. So sorry that you lost your dear friend, she must have been special. And I’m so sorry that she had to spend the last years of her life, dependent on others.
    Warmest hugs, treasure the memories you shared. x

  8. I am so sorry for your loss, Leya. My thoughts go out to you. This was such a wonderful tribute to your oldest friend for life, and I am sure her spirit is smiling right beside you now – and will always be there with you now. She sounded very much the go-getter and a very kind person who touched you and so many others around her. She will be remembered and will stay in so many people’s hearts and her memory will live on. Take care.

  9. I am so deeply sorry, Ann-Christine for your loss of a true and wonderful friend. You said she had no children, no family – but I think friends like you and her beloved dogs were her own special family. I am sure she will watch over you – from somewhere!

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