Summer is Here

…and Mille’s beach is empty. But I love it best before all the summer guests arrive. The temperature is heading towards 30 degrees C, and yesterday we went to our summer cottage to cool down. No rain in sight…only hot winds.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Sweden, and we will celebrate my mother with a tasty lamb dinner. Until then – some summer photos from yesterday!

With the sun going down,  we wish a Good Night to you all!

23 reaktioner på ”Summer is Here

  1. I’m with you on preferring the peace and quiet before the crowds arrive. I remember long ago I stepped out on the beach at a remote area in Costa Rica.. When I went back inside my friend’s home, he asked, ‘Was the beach crowded?’
    ”yes!” I groaned, ”there are surely twenty or thirty people out there!”
    Usually there’s a lone fisherman or a jogger, but unless weekend or holiday, it’s peaceful…

    Lovely images, and enjoy the day with your family!

    • Thank you, Cindy. Summer mornings and evenings with the nightingale singing, and the stillness in the air – then life is at its best.

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