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My grandmother could mend any damaged or wanting tree or bush in her large garden. Anything touched by her loving hands would live and flower again.

This may be a simple pelargonia, but a living heritage from my beloved grandmother. She treasured her flowers very much, and used to get cuttings from old friends and relatives. I inherited all grandmother’s pelargonias, about 15 plants, and I am proud to have preserved them for 30 years now. This particular white one was her favourite – White Mårbacka. I have also got a powerful red one and from the start I also had an orange variety. Sadly, I have lost that orange one – I hope she forgives me…

Mormors vita Mårbacka

She had these plants in all her windows, and I learned, already as a little child, how to prune them and plant cuttings. My guess is that these flowers date back at least 60-70 years, or more. A living remembrance of my grandmother, Signe. I talk to them and think of her.

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    • Thank you, Paula – I treasure them very much. I feel my grandmother’s caring spirit every time I water them. I cannot bear losing a single one…so I now have more than doubled them 💚

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