And Finally the Nightingale Sang

_copyIn glorious evening light, no wind, and a summer softness in the bird cherry scented air – we heard him…the Nightingale. This long, cold and dry Spring unveiled its soft heart and let Totti and me enjoy the first taste of summer. And my son turned 25. A blessed day.


34 comments on “And Finally the Nightingale Sang

    • Thank you! He was born on such a lovely day as well – I am always telling him he was born the most beautiful time of the year.

      • He is! Always considerate and caring. When he was in his early teens they called him ”Jesus” in school. Both positive and negative for a young boy of course. Sometimes being too kind is not so good.

      • Great! And I’m not surprised for he has the best mother! 🙂 Indeed true Chevaliers still exist! And I’m happy to learn that. Real men will save our civilization!
        My congratulations, dear Anne-Christine! And happy true spring! 🙂

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