Travel theme: Earth

Travel theme: Earth

Earth Day. I listened to her, as I do every day, but as this was a very special day, I walked with all my senses, even more intently listening…

P1070161_copyPlanet Earth is mostly water – the Blue Planet. Today was a lucky day, because the blue was clear and intense – in the skies as well as in the water on the ground.

P1070163_copyAnd the tiny wood-sorrel made last years’ leaves look green and fresh again…

P1070179_copy…maybe not all of those leaves were that lucky, but slowly drifting in a fresh pool is beautiful as well.

P1070192_copyLike the clouds. They all meet here – the sky, the clouds, the earth, the trees and the water.

P1070193_copyWe all belong here…to this planet and in this world and in this universe…


I believe all of us know…and my best friend knows it too. He felt so good today, running around, bathing and frolicking in the leaves…

Howling when he was told we were walking again…

P1070217_copySo, this day, Earth Day, has been a beautiful day of belonging and pondering about what we have and how grateful we all should be.

We are not here forever…only for some short moments we can dance in the light. Let us take good care of each other, and of our Planet Earth – we want our children and grandchildren to feel this gentle belonging and the joy of life…and above all, it really is the animals’ and the plants’ planet, isn’t it. They were here first. We are responsible.


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  1. Lots of beautiful shots today, A-C. Today my husband and I took two trash bags and one of those things you use to grab and pick up trash, went to the small lake near our house, and picked up trash and recyclables for several hours. We only got a small section done, but it looks so good! One man who walked by thanked us for doing it and said he wished others would do it. We didn’t ask if he did, just said thanks. 🙂


    • A very very good thing to do. Everybody should…me too. Not just thinking it – it almost always stops at that. You are a great couple😚

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