WPC: Surprise


Surprise – well, some surprises over the years are not easily forgotten. First out in the header – when our neighbours had not picked their red apples before the snow got them…and the second one – the first time I saw a swimming bus… in The Danube!


22 comments on “WPC: Surprise

  1. Although I’m sure you’re neighbors weren’t thrilled with the frozen apples, I imagine the bus driver/passengers/company that owned it were much, much less thrilled! Quite a shot. As one of our daughters one said when little and she had dropped some applesauce on herself, ”I never had a problem like that before.” 🙂


  2. Ha-ha! Great! Both photos are extraordinary… Frosted apples must be a good snack. 🙂
    And what surprises me is when the spring will start. We still have rain & snow!

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