Thursday Thoughts – Today I Finally Met Arthur!

Maybe you  have heard of him…Arthur, the dog who crossed the jungle to find a home.

I have followed his adventures ever since I first heard of him a couple of years ago. The Swedish multi sport team in Ecuador, trying to win the world championships. Instead the team leader, Mikael Lindnord, found that in the middle of the jungle, his team of four had got a fifth member…Arthur. Mikael had never had a dog of his own and never thought of getting one – he was a tough athlete and a determined leader for his team.

But this street dog caught his heart…and from one meat ball, given to a starving dog – they became friends forever. Finally, after many hardships and paperwork and stubborn authorities…Arthur arrived in Sweden and was taken care of by Mikael and his family.

P1060786_copyTonight I met him. And I totally understand why he is King Arthur. He owned the place from the first second he entered through the door. I do not have one single, proper picture…but I loved every minute of being close to him and listening to their story. Seeing the very special bond between Mikael and Arthur.

Mikael himself says that Arthur stands for Hope.  The Lindnord family have also started a fund for homeless dogs in Ecuador – there are many ill treated and abused dogs in the world… Maybe there is hope for them with people like Mikael, who was prepared to even let go of his team’s victory to save this dog’s life. Mikael says he recognized himself in Arthur that very first day…they both stand tall, and never give up. So, how could he let Arthur down, when the dog put all his trust in him ?

P1060832_copyIf you love animals, and dogs in particular, and believe there is still love and compassion on Earth – Read the book!

More about Arthur? Read  this blogpost at Impressive photogallery and more about their life and adventures!

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    • I thought you would like him! And that clip is short but very good. Love the story, the man and the dog…We so much need these people and stories in this world. The day after there was this awful thing in Stockholm – but I keep thinking of Mikael’s words: Arthur stands for Hope. Never lose sight of it…

    • Isn’t it? I love it, and the book is not possible to put down once you have started on it. Mikael is a remarkable person and Arthur a remarkable dog!

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