WPC: Wish

Wish, a challenge from Jen. I have just watched the TV news – I often wish I never had. 20 years ago we stopped buying and reading evening papers, and I still avoid much of the catastrophy-, war- and news media. Not my body nor my soul was made for it. I believe nobody’s body or soul is. Still, once a day I listen to the radio news, that way I avoid the pictures.

Tonight, this  thin, starving man, came running towards me with his little daughter in his arms. Running through the ruined city of Mosul, tears streaming down his cheeks, his daughter in his arms, lifeless. His open face in the camera. Next, a woman in the camera…crying. Next, her four children in hospital beds, badly wounded from bomb shells and poison gas.

I try to surround myself with beauty. I cannot exist without it. I wish some of this beauty also might bring something good to other people than me…to my family, to my friends…pieces of harmony in a disastrous world. Good things start with yourself…You have to be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi talked about that. And, I believe that is the way. If we all try, in our own little ways…the waves will grow and reach distant shores. Let Love and Harmony win.



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  2. Dear Leya! You’re right! Golden words! Life is beauty & we should spread it around! There is too much waste sufferings, violence, etc. in the world but it will be less if we place beauty, calmness, light of Spirit on the first place.

  3. I just watched the White Helmets documentary and the image of the days old baby being dug out of the rubble sticks with me. The baby survived and later the rescuers met him again. Without hope there is no life.

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