WPC: Against All Odds

Against the odds – my very special and wonderful friend, Mille, survived his severe illness and lived his last two years thanks to my daughter’s loving care. He was so close to death several times, but she managed to save him through natural medicine from the Japanese sea, and through loving care. No veterinary has managed to explain how this really worked – but it did. He was strong and lively throughout his life. And we are so very grateful to have known him. I have had some dogs in my life, but no one like him. I called him Iron Man.

Mille died in May 2014. This is the last picture of him, standing in his beloved water, the sea at our summer house. He had just turned 12.

16 reaktioner på ”WPC: Against All Odds

    • Han hade underbara ögon, Mille. Min mamma och han hade ett särskilt band också…Han var världens snällaste hund. Men två veckor efter detta foto togs var han borta.

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