Art Suites – In the Rocks

When the first snow has arrived somewhere in November, artists from all over the world come together in the village to take part in creating the art exhibition of snow, ice and light that makes up Icehotel.

My guess is that they will spend quite some time in the cosy bar…! Here you get drinks in ice glasses…as they say – in the rocks.

From the beginning, the glasses were made by hand. But, as the guests started to get numerous, the capacity of three glasses a day became a bit too slow…so now they are machine made. Do you know that they last only for 30-45 minutes? Then the alcohol will make the ice melt and make your drink end up in your lap. Glasses made for fast drinkers like Hemingway then…

The selected artists who are invited to take part are not required to have worked with ice before. Instead, those who want to participate have to send in their ideas based on originality, and creating it in natural ice will pose a new challenge. Some 200 applications usually end up in some 40 artists coming here in November each year for the construction of the rooms. But this year they were about 60 – to decorate the new art suites.

The artists often work two at a time in the rooms, and when they are finished, they are allowed to stay one night in their creation…and only one night.

Let us walk down the corridor and peep inside some of the art suites!

In fact, should you spend the night here…you would get a mattress, reindeer skins and a sleeping bag for -28 C. My absolute favourite room was Living With Angels – artist Benny Ekman. I would have felt perfectly safe and secure.


26 comments on “Art Suites – In the Rocks

  1. Wow, now I’m very envious … this is on my bucket list. Why haven’t you told me about your visit to the icehotel? This is pure magic again … Beautiful post and images.

      • Amazing it is – and now they build for it to stay the whole summer as well! All made possible by our little company from Hässleholm – TEO-service!

      • I think that … keep it over the summer, loses it’s charm. I think when it went back to nature every spring is a big thing. but I can understand that they want to keep it so long as possible. Have to see what the company is all about.

  2. Vilka fantastiska skulpturer och vilken otrolig kreativitet de har som gör dessa isskapelser. Det finns ju ingen som helst möjlighet att välja någon favorit bland dessa. Det skulle vara så otroligt intressant att få komma hit någon gång. Tack för dina bilder.

  3. What an incredible place and a brilliant idea to get those artists to create those rooms. JS and I would love to see this and thanks to you we can, even if it is more than a glimpse. I also agree if the rooms shown here I too would have chosen the ”Angle” room – it looks so beautiful. Big hug for you

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