Thursday Thoughts -Falling in Love…

Last week I went visiting my daughter up north, in Umeå. But I also took the chance to visit the 412 year old market in Jokkmokk – a meeting place for Sami people from Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as people from all over the world. A colourful experience! More about this old market in posts coming.
I think I fell in love again…Finnish Lapphund is a dog breed, and traditionally it has been used for herding reindeer. This is a hardy, easy going, medium-size breed of Spitz type. At the market there were two shining beauties exposing themselves on reindeer skins.
Finnish Lapphund has a normal lifespan of 12-14 years, and is known to be faithful and friendly, as well as being calm, keen and corageous.

This breed comes in black, white, wolf-sable, red, sable and brown. About 50cm in height and normal weight 15-24 kg.
Totally wonderful dogs!

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