Thursday Thoughts

This country road passes an old homestead, long since abandoned. I pass here maybe once a month, and every time I think…I really should stop and walk up that old road…


Today I drove past again…but something told me –  this time I really must stop –


– so I finally did. I turned the car and parked it on the meadow nearby.

Happy to have made this decision, I slowly started walking towards the stonefences marking the road up to the house.


To the right, the fine old cellar that used to store food for the winter.


Then the house itself, on the left side of the road. I wonder who once lived here and why they left? The house lies beautifully on a hill, close to the forest and surrounding meadows.

My love for these roads with grass in the middle has a long story…all those childhood years I walked forest roads, meadow roads…and always with grass in the middle. StilI it is in me…I just have to follow them, to see where they go and what I eventually will find.

Some finds I made, even if the walk did not last for more than 15 minutes. I was happy.

I believe we should try to do those little things…follow those whims and ideas we sometimes have. What do you think? It may take some time…but, I try to. Often with a positive outcome – for both me and people around me.



35 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Cool post! There’s several places in my local area that I’ve always wanted to go and explore. Lost are abandoned properties. But generally in my area they have ”No trespassing” signs posted so I don’t feel right exploring them. This was such a beautiful property though!

  2. Beautiful. My kind of place. I would have done just as you have, parked the car and walked up to the house and the other buildings to take photos.

  3. Glad you had the courage to walk there all by yourself, glad you followed that ”gras-in-the-middle” road (it brings out childhood memories out in me – my maternal grandparents lived right at the edge of a small wood) and glad you captured the places with your camera so we too can see. Thanks and hug, dear friend……….but, try and be safe😉😉😉

    • Carina, childhood molds you into what you are and become…I am glad I grew up in the forest and meadows with decent, natureloving people. I am glad I am not young in today’s society. Take care, hugs from me💚

  4. I think that sometimes we must go on a whim and nothing else. The outcome might be uncertain, but you’ve got to follow your heart in the end, and I think in this case it was telling you that you really needed to take that walk!

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