Santiago – Sullivan Bay

On the northeast side of the island Santiago, Galápagos, is Sullivan Bay. The lava walk here showed us a lava phenomenon called Pahoehoe – a ropy lava flow, coming from from the latest eruption in 1902.


The day started rather misty and the only thing we could see on shore was the dark lava flow, interspersed with red streaks and topped with lava mounds and volcanoes.

The Galápagos Islands are in a highly volcanic area, and the volcanoes seldom rest. On Isabela, the largest island, there are several of them alive. In the end, all these 19 islands will disappear in the Pacific Ocean. Some of them are already dying.


We anchored between Santiago and the small island of Bartolome. Already there was a blue sailing ship waiting to unload its group of Americans.


You had to watch your step – crevices and very uneven ground. This lavafield is indeed the largest I have ever walked. Iceland’s Krafla area we could not walk properly as we visited when the eruption was just over. The ground was too hot and too dangerous.

galapagos-3-and-4-945_copyMany beautiful and interesting patterns were found on the walk, and each one of us had his or her own interpretation…What is yours?

Walking back to our beautiful ship, the sun lashed its late evening colours on our steps.


Bartolome consists of an extinct volcano, and its landmark is called Pinnacle Rock.


The evening offered a bright moon, and in the velvety air, we all went soft and still on deck. This was our last day but one in Paradise.



17 comments on “Santiago – Sullivan Bay

  1. The lava makes such beautiful patterns. It’s hard to believe that something so destructive can be beautiful too. The shot of where the lava stopped is remarkable. You’re making me eager to travel to new places again!

  2. Amazing patterns and a weird landscape, how wonderful!
    I absolutely love the thre last images, Ann-Christine. This must habe been a truly magical journey! 🙂

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