Women’s March – Around the World

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10 comments on “Women’s March – Around the World

  1. We had 30-40,000 here in San Diego counting myself and several friends. A very hopeful and cathartic experience. You would think a president who got less than a majority of the votes would seek to find some middle ground. Instead this new White House occupant (I can’t bring myself to say President) has chosen to continue to divide from day 1 and has already begun an all out assault on the press. A dangerous combination.

    • Very dangerous. Every day it is tough to wake up and listen to the news. A totally irrational person who does not believe in scientific research or wants to learn new things…Many articles in our Swedish media and all over internet. This is not a person to take good care of a great country.

  2. Terrific visual. I knit 8 Pussyhats and marched in Pittsburgh where they estimated 25,000 marchers.
    Thanks for posting this important information.

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