Thursday Thoughts – Why Galápagos is a Paradise

For many reasons of course. When I think of these wonderful islands, my dream was, and is, that animals can live together without fear, and that they tolerate us humans – they are not afraid of us, but rather curious instead…

I made friends with many animals – but we were not allowed to go closer than 2 metres from any animal. Except from trying to pass them on the paths of course…The wonderful thing is that they approached us instead – and that, is true magic.

This mockingbird was really communicative – jumping up and down on the tree trunk,  hiding, but still keeping an inquisitive eye on me. I know I lost a bit of my heart there…


The birds here are yellow warbler and mockingbird, then iguanas and sealions.

Nature is fantastic. Everything to me. This time I was really living my dream.


38 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Why Galápagos is a Paradise

    • You are so kind – and it is true. This is my most wonderful adventure. Surely the dreams you have as a child are the best ones come true. They have been with you for many, many years. I am so grateful.

  1. Det måste vara en väldig blandning av känslor att få uppleva detta och den första bilden är ju så himla rolig. Även om man inte ska lägga mänskliga beteenden på djuren så är det svårt att inte tänka i banor av kurragömma när jag tittar på den bilden. Jag blir alldeles tagen av dina bilder härifrån och tänker – hur ska då inte du känna som upplevde detta på riktigt?

    • Det var den finaste av alla fina resor jag kunde göra. Så mycket jag lärde mig på dessa veckor har jag inte lärt mig på många år. Snorkla lärde jag mig också. En helt ny värld öppnade sig och sjölejonen virvlade runt mig, under och över – ända upp i ansiktet och såg mig nyfiket i ögonen! Fula, klumpiga varelse – lek med mig nu då!

  2. Lovely photos, Leyla! Having only watched documentaries on the islands, I’ve always been fascinated. I’m sure that this is an experience you won’t forget 🙂

    • Liza, these weeks were the most interesting in my life. I learned so much from our excellent guides as well. If I could I would travel there again. Ecuador and its people and biodiversity is so rich. And so are you, my friend.

      • i am so glad that you had an enriching exerience, and now you probably understand why i love this country so much. it must be hard to be in brutal cold of winter after experiencing live at basically latitude zero!

  3. Such stunning captures of animals wandering in their own habitat, Leya. And you managed to get up close as you can. What an experience and so glad to hear you lived your dream. I like how the last shot is low, and that you captured the iguanas looking up at their parting visitors 🙂 I too wish animals and humans can live side by side and don’t jump out at each other. Keep your distance, observe, and that is how friendship and trust always starts 🙂

    • Thank you for posting – had I been 20 years younger…yes! Today my fingers cannot stand the cold, so living there would be impossible. But if we go to New Zealand once more – we might pop over for a short visit. We know nothing of how the world will be or look like in a couple of years. So worried about the Trump years to come. It is impossible to shut it out – it is all over media…and I cannot stand even the look of him.

  4. Wow! Love those iguanas…. Thanks for sharing these, A-C. I shall never get to the Galapagos, but every now and again I get a virtual tour!

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