Thursday Thoughts – The Winner Takes It All…

Islas Plazas and their beautiful land iguanas were spectacular. The yellowish males are highly territorial and engage in head-butting battles to get rid of intruders. We saw two fights and the winners…took it all.

amazonas-2-och-galapagos-1-857_copyLand iguanas eat cactus fruit and other parts of the cactus, but in general they cannot climb it …instead they choose a cactus plant as their own, lie down under it and wait for a fruit to fall into their mouths…


This brave iguana had managed the impossible though…and its friends on the ground were eagerly waiting for it to drop something tasty to them…

After watching it for a while, we noticed something happening on the ground below…

…and the 100 cm long winner took it all – at least he took their place in waiting!



23 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – The Winner Takes It All…

  1. Vilket äventyr du varit med om, så roligt att se och följa dina bilder från resan. Tack så mycket för all information och alla fantastiska foton på både djur och natur.

  2. Wow. Just amazing close up shots of the iguana, Leya. Love the one where he is taking a chomp of the plant. He does not like he’s in the mood for sharing. Hope you kept your distance 😓

    • Amazing creatures…some of them lay on the path and our guide was very anxious to warn us not to walk too close. If you happen to walk on a tail…you are in for a bad experience..

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