Partytime – At the Fishmarket!

Before sailing with our ship, Cachalote, we went to the fishmarket in Puerto Ayora. On our way, we were constantly reminded of Darwin and his famous finches, and how repulsed he was by the marine iguanas, famously referring to them in his journal as “imps of darkness.” Personally I must say I love them both! I also love their surroundings and the way they exquisitely blend in…More than once I almost trod on them. Juan, our naturalist guide, was constantly warning us not to touch any animals here.

When we finally reached the fishmarket, we got a full blown show the next half hour!

Always aware of the importance of their precious islands – do not catch the wrong fish!


Keep the Galápagos Islands the way they are – serene and unpolluted. 200 000 tourists a year visit them. Maybe Ecuador has to slow down a bit to save this treasure for the future?



16 comments on “Partytime – At the Fishmarket!

    • Thank you very much, Jane! In fact this trip to Ecuador was the best one ever. For an animal lover and a nature girl this country is a dream. All the best to you from a cold Sweden! (-40 C up north yesterday)

  1. So sorry to hear one of the pelicans lost their beak. Maybe lost it while fighting for food 😏 Your photos again are astounding, Leya. So much detail and action 👏

    • Thank you again, Mabel! I believe in having fun as long as you can😉 (and I think maybe so do you?)I am very happy you liked the post!

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