Silent Sunday



36 comments on “Silent Sunday

  1. :o) Excellent! Can’t wait to get through my Panama pics (much as I love them!) & get to the Galapagos ones – I have a very similar shot!

  2. Oooh! What a wonderful image! Now I got to go down to highway 94 and snap a pic to show you! LOL – from one hill, you can see the basin, and then the slow climb into the foothill area of the Rocky Mountains – – thanks for reminding my brain of that memory!! 🙂

      • May be spring/early summer before I post/send – in my memory – I LOVE the play of the green of spring prairie grasses against the palette of colors a warmer months sun displays while setting in the west – 🙂 With snowcaps still visible on the distant peaks – 🙂 I NEVER capture, fully, via the lens, what my mind does – thus, I write about it, instead – – LOL

      • But that is so true…nothing can capture the feeling…in full. Words have the nuances a picture have not. But together they might come closer even if the true feeling never can be captured. When I return from a journey the first look at the pictures is always a disappointment. When I put words to them it feels better. In the end I just want to go back there. And the bitter end is that if I do – the feeling will never be the same. Embrace the adventure!

      • Yes! No matter how beautiful or inspiring, we just don’t always have the art, words or technology to properly communicate it to another, do we? 🙂 I have to confess, I’m STILL delighted when another understands both my desire and frustration – even though I should know we all struggle with such things! LOL

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