Amazonas – Goodbye and Happy New Year!

The very last shimmering hours at Sacha Lodge, we spent canoeing again – and finally, for the sunset over the Amazon, in a high tree tower up in a giant kapok tree.

Let us start with the canoe ride – full up with fresh food and ready for the last adventure!

Finally we reached the last path, hiking to the old kapok tree.

Slowly the sun was fading and the light smoothened out both the landscape and the minds of us six friends sitting in the kapok tree. Each one in his own world…knowing this was the last day, the last hours of our great adventure. The Amazon saying its goodbyes…and us contemplating life’s beauty, in this moment in time

No words needed – only the sounds of the rainforest. A sadness and a joy, a thankfulness and a hope for this wonder to survive, to be given to our children and grandchildren.

In the early morning, we left this Paradise. Of course it showed its most glorious face this day – for us to treasure and to keep in our hearts.

Sacha Lodge will go on helping the locals with free water taxi, school supplies and a medical assistance program – and ecotourism to positively influence the course of land management in the area.

On reaching the Napo River again – a tiny, but clear rainbow appeared in the sky –

I want to thank you all, readers, followers, everyone who finds joy in my posts – it is you who make me tick…I hope to see you again next year – 2017. All the best!


43 comments on “Amazonas – Goodbye and Happy New Year!

  1. I never view your posts, but I don’t learn something AND think of another 100 questions to ask – – LOL – 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing the world you experience – I do have to note – A. I have never seen an orchid in it’s wild habitat – or even a picture of one, till now – And, ecotourism – let us hope that is a trend that becomes a classic – 🙂
    Happy New Year!

    • 😊I am glad to have a picture of one for you! And ecotourism is hopefully here to stay. It works well. Happy New Year to you as well!

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