Amazonas – Almost Airborne!

The last days at Sacha Lodge, we spent most of the time 40 metres up – above the canopy of the rainforest. In fact, ”Sacha” means ”forest” in Quichua, the local language here.


The biodiversity is extremely rich in the Amazon, and the list of birds sighted at Sacha, for example, is at 605 species – in an area of 5000 acres. 12 species of monkeys and plants somewhere in the thousands. Trees are about 100 species per acre – no wonder my treeloving spirit soared in the canopy!

Climbing down again and walking back to the lodge – Luis Andi shared some of his extensive knowledge of the medicinal plants in the rainforest. We had noticed him being an excellent scout, moving soundlessly on the narrow paths, but also an excellent birdman – he knew about 400 birds (and could sound like most of them!) I do not have to say he was born and bred in the Amazon. 90% of Sacha’s staff is made up of locals from Ecuador’s Amazon region.

We were all very impressed – to say the least – of our guides’ knowledge. There was not one single question about birds or animals that Pablo could not answer, and Luis and him were the perfect couple to guide us through the secrets of the tropical rainforest.


But, now we were extremely hungry…knowing that a delicious lunch was waiting back at our lodge. We would need it before the afternoon and night adventures.


10 comments on “Amazonas – Almost Airborne!

  1. Alltså, det måste ju vara hur häftigt som helst med denna natur, vilka träd!! Så spännande att se dessa så långt ifrån vår egen flora och fauna. En resa utöver det vanliga kan jag tänka mig.

    • Åh, Lena – den mest fantastiska resa jag gjort! Att få se detta med egna ögon – något jag drömt om sen jag första gången lånade böckerna om Galapagos och Amazonas på skolbiblioteket…Det är en 52 år gammal dröm! Jag är så oändligt tacksam att ha fått göra denna resa.

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