Amazonas Day Two – On The Napo River

amazonas-och-galapagos-312_copyA foggy morning, but no wind, only the sounds of the rainforest and the river. After a divine breakfast at the lodge by the lake, we started off early heading for the parrot lick.

amazonas-och-galapagos-323_copyUnfortunately the traffic on the Napo River also brings long vehicles for the oil business here…They told us that the oil people are building a road across the Amazon forest. We had read about it, but now we could even see the trailers and the flames. This just makes me feel so helpless…Their government had promised not to give in to big business – but money always wins over nature and our life on this beautiful planet. So far. Maybe one day, when everything is dead and gone…

amazonas-och-galapagos-359_copyFinally the fog lifted, and we could admire the parakeets using the clay to neutralize the poisonous metals in their food. Notice the one hanging upside down!

We continued canoeing to a village on the other side of the river. Here a women’s collective worked to inform about the old ways of living, the life of the Amazon indigenous people and of their cooking, art and craft.

Back to the lodge for some lunch – and then on to our next adventure!


6 comments on “Amazonas Day Two – On The Napo River

  1. Beautiful …. you’re such a great storyteller! What an exciting trip. I love the small parakeets. I have seen them hanging upside down, even the big ones .. at New Orleans Zoo! Your lodge looks fantastic.

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