Amazonas Day Two – A Monkey Business

After having some (read MUCH) lunch, we were ready for the afternoon waterways.

Led by our excellent guides, Pablo Maya and Luis Andi, we spent hours under the dense vegetation exploring Anaconda Creek.

Water sallad was all over the lake – decoratively spreading its light green beauty.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

More magic tunnels – imagine the sounds of the Amazon rainforest touching you…gently

…and then the monkeys were all over us! Howler monkeys, cappucciner monkeys and most lovely of them all: squirrel monkeys. Jumping and feasting in whole squadrons…they even jumped right over the canoe – curiously observing us. Enjoy!

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Darkness descended early upon us in the Amazon basin. Around 6 pm it was time to return to Sacha Lodge after a long and eventful day.

Home, sweet home – by now Sacha really was our Home. The lights invitingly calling us…

Good night, this last night of the old year, 2016.


24 comments on “Amazonas Day Two – A Monkey Business

    • Mindfulness i praktiken ungefär. Aporna fantastiskt roliga och akrobatiska. De kollade oss hela tiden och riktigt ville visa sina konster…Säkert tyckte de att vi var ordentligt fula och klumpiga – det syntes i ansiktsuttrycken…

    • Thank you – loved those silent canoetrips in narrow canals – the sounds of the rainforest only…and those entertaining monkeys everywhere. They really put up spectacular acrobatic shows for us!

    • Thank you, Cindy! And yes, it is a great priviledge. I had to ask myself every day…”Am I really here? Is this happening, is this true?”

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