Thursday Thoughts – To Paradise and Back Again

So, I have been to Paradise – and back again. From Sweden to Amsterdam and then to Quito. After a couple of interesting days in beautiful world heritage, Quito Old Town, we flew down to the Amazon basin, Coca.

From Coca 1 1/2hour by motorized canoe on the Napo River …


Then 30 minutes hiking on jungle boardwalk before the last bit in a paddle canoe.


There was a slight drizzle, but we saw an abundance of flowers and birds already on this short way before reaching the lodge.


At Sacha Lodge we were welcomed by our hosts. The Lodge had rooms for 65 guests, but at the moment we were only 13-14. Lots of space and attention from our excellent guides.


Our own lodge was incredibly fresh and simple, just as in my dreams – but even better!

amazonas-och-galapagos-194_copySpacey and open – in fact no walls on one side, so both shower and bedroom were open to the jungle. The only thing to separate us from the real world was a net, with all the sounds of the rainforest and its inhabitants just two steps away…I tell you,  I have never slept better in my entire life. Birds, insects and howler monkeys feasting!

I remember staying in a clay and straw hut in the Nepalese jungle of Chitwan, in 1986, with giant spiders covering the ceiling and lizards and rats owning the mud floor. I did not sleep anything at all…even if I was young and brave.

We saw flycatchers and kingfishers among other birds, and in the waters below our breakfast house dwells….a cajman called Lucy!

On the night walk we met many animals…many crawlers (millipeeds too), possums and some spiders of gigantic size. One of the The tarantulas was a pink toed giant sitting high up under the roof of the butterfly house. We also saw a wolf spider about the same size…Crickets, grasshoppers and the world’s biggest ant – a bullet ant – who has got the worst bite in the world with terrible pain for 24 hours. ”Watch out where you put your hands” was the advice. They might walk on the same rails or twigs you happen to use…

My favourite was the charming tree frog of course…!

This was our first day at Sacha Lodge – and I just Loved every minute of it. For the next day we were promised parrots, weavers, a women’s collective, curare, arrows and local cooking, canoe through narrow rainforest waterways and maybe…anaconda.

Good night to our extremely initiated and knowledgeable guides, Pablo and Luis.


16 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – To Paradise and Back Again

  1. I wondered where you were … because things have been so quiet. So have you been back to Amazon??!!!! Wonderful post and images, as always. I like frogs too … they are harmless!!!! You seem very pleased with your trip .. I don’t know if I would buy into the whole package but most of it, I think.

    • It was. The beauty of it all…and the expert guides. I think I have never learned so much in so short a time. Then one week in the Galapagos as well – totally different but the same learning process – indigenous guides, born and raised there. Educated in both wisdom and knowledge.

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