XIUHTEZCATL — Earth Guardians


On TV last night, there was a young man, only 16, who made my heart jump and my spirits rise. Read about this young environmental activist, Xiuhtezcatl! See him interviewed, listen to him! 16 years old only and has travelled over the world, lecturing, has put pressure on the US government about the environment and what legacy they have to leave for generations to come.

We are a tribe of young activists, artists and musicians from across the globe stepping up as leaders and collaborating to defend our planet. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Källa: XIUHTEZCATL — Earth Guardians


27 comments on “XIUHTEZCATL — Earth Guardians

  1. Thank you for the introduction to his work…it’s timely with the uncertainty that looms over the USA. Everyone can find a way (no matter how small) to make a contribution to the issues, especially climate change, that face us now and tomorrow.

    • Yes, he has – and the interview in Swedish television was so great. Only 16, and that involved in politics and environmental wisdom. I also saw the speech he held in front of politicians in the US. He is not afraid, he is intelligent and full of life, and like you say: passion. Many awards has come his way – hopefully he will achieve even more great things for the world and its people. Admirable the way he works against fracking for example. Wow – he is my hero.

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