Thursday Thoughts – A Story of …Love

In Vilnius I saw this young couple coming out of a church. They did not hold hands. The young lady was holding her dress instead. He was walking casually right behind her.

In one of the old city’s most famous spots, they were photographed.

They looked so young…yet I believe they had known each other for a while. No infatuation shining, no signs of being ”in love”. I watched them silently walking down the street – no sign of guests or friends. Still not holding hands. Half an hour later we saw them sitting on a bench in the square, munching some fast food and watching the air balloons sailing across the sky.

I wonder what they were thinking. I wonder about their lives and their future. I would have liked to listen to their story.


12 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – A Story of …Love

    • Thank you, Mabel. In fact I kept thinking about them throughout the day. Imagine sitting in your wedding dress in the town square, eating some fast food…This could never happen in Sweden, here weddings are very elaborately planned and even if you have no guests, the day would not have been spent like this.

    • Thank you, Cindy – but there was something strange in their appearence…I have never seen a newly married couple so…far away from each other.

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