What Is Going On Indoors?

Outdoors everything is heavily frozen – beautiful, but my hands and feet are complaining. So, what is happening in my flower rooms now? If you, like me,  love flowers, let us go and see! Click to read their names and to enlarge.

Some of the orchids are always in flower – especially the Phalaenopsis’.

But, right now most of them are over, leaving the scene to some other beauties.


I have many phalaenopsis’ in different colours – this one is abundant right now.

This brown and yellow orchid is the same as the one in the header. A fragrant Cambria.

A 50 centimetre high, impressive Brassia – resembling my old Brassia Rex –

– although this one is not as much ”spidery”as the Rex.

Lastly, a rose – not one of my own potplants. But still – elegantly living its short life here in my rooms.


20 comments on “What Is Going On Indoors?

    • Love your interpretation…and I guess that is how it looks! I have about 150 plants and my husband sometimes threatens to go with machete…

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