WPC: Tiny

Cheri at WordPress urges us to walk into tiny worlds this week. Personally I love tiny worlds – I believe many of us do! In the header a tiny beech leaf, fallen and resting on the forest floor among blueberry twigs to be. And, below are the tiniest ants I have ever met.

22 comments on “WPC: Tiny

  1. Tiny, tiny ants! And they look very, very hungry too. Or maybe they are just excited by seeing food and eager to carry it back home. If I were there, I would probably drop another piece of food around them and see if they would take that too 😀 Very well done, Ann-Christine 🙂 Sharp eye as always.

    • Mabel…I did give them some more food.. I love watching them eating and with joint forces bring it home. Down in little holes in the ground – have to chop it up first.

  2. I love the light in the header photo, A-C. Those certainly are tiny ants, but as we had a bit of an infestation of them for a time this summer, I can’t fully appreciate them. 🙂


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