Thursday Thoughts

Empty. Void. The last two days leaves many thoughts, but the feeling is emptiness.

Give me that bridge to walk safely across.

Kina och tågresan till Tibet 2009 430

21 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts

  1. Don’t worry that much. Your democracy is strong and long-lasting enough to survive even Trump 😉 The important decisions in your country are taken by several other people and they will not let one person make fool of the whole nation. It will all be OK.
    By the way, what place is it on the picture?

    • Thank you for comforting words, Awa. My worries are concerning Trup’s America and Putin’s Russia being friends – and we are in between. Just like the Baltic countries and more….
      The photo was taken from the train in northern China just before entering Tibet. A beautiful landscape.

  2. We share your feelings from across here in the UK….our recent disastrous referendum created nothing but a vehicle for those with hatred of others….a hatred that weeks after the event still seems to grow. True, it did expose the unease that many felt with the disconnected Political system but that message got swamped by hatred and bigotry. We are not sure where the bridges we need to build will come from. As for Trump…he is just a Bully and will have his day.

  3. I met a friend in a photo, dear,
    She didn’t know I was a friend.
    I walked in her woods, saw her build smiles
    From smiles over hill and dale. She held a bridge
    Out to me when I was drowning.
    Now I will build a bridge for her
    To travel to and fro where the leaves
    Still stand in amazement,
    Where a giant crawls from the Earth
    In a great awakening.
    The business men who fail to look up
    Or down or around while they text.
    I’ll share a moon with you to brighten your way.

    Give me a day or two to get out of the hospital here and I’ll have them ready, Leya.
    Look for Leya’s bridge to be posted.

    • More than little. The US election hit everyone hard. This clueless man can destroy the lives of so many people – not to speak of what he can and will do to nature and the future of our planet. He does not believe in global warning- I guess he only believes in himself . A spoiled rich boy with a respectless behaviour and a foul mouth. No style, no intelligence. God help us all.

      • I completely agree with you, A-C….and on top of the Brexit vote it leaves me even gloomier. One can only hope that once he’s in office, there will be others to temper him. His comments on women, other races, climate change are seriously worrying

      • Yes…let us hope. Tonight there are reports on demonstrations across the US – from what I can see on TV, many young women in despair, but also ready to fight for their beliefs!

      • It is quite amazing how many countries outside of America have acted. Here in Australia I have only meet one person who is not concerned about Trump. The man is a loose cannon and amoral and self centred. The world has not learnt anything from history, it seems.

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