Thursday Thoughts

Finally the colours are coming…but I guess they will not stay for long. Too much wind and rain – even hail. And two days ago I saw the lapwings like pearls thrown over the water, preparing to return south.

In the early morning light the heron was almost one with the sun.

And towards noon, the horses grazing in a complete painting.

A glorious day!


9 comments on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. A glorious day indeed and what glorious captures to remember this day, Leya. I really like both shots. The reflections in the first one has such exquisite reflections, and the pelican looks like it is looking out for food 😀 Hope it doesn’t get too windy and you stay sheltered from the hail. Here in Melbourne where I am it has been very windy lately. Hope it gets less windy soon 🙂

      • So, so true. The other day I hiked up a hill and it was blowing so hard the whole way and back. It was blowing so hard that it was near impossible to open your eyes to point the camera and take a photo 😀

      • I agree. Gusty winds can knock you down. Today here we had a very bad wind day again. Things fell down everywhere in the city :/ Hope you are safe and sound, and having a good Autumn 🙂

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