Travel theme: Seasonal

Travel theme: Seasonal

I am convinced I could never live without the seasons. And I can never leave Sweden in Spring – cannot miss the first wood anemonies and the beech trees. So…my theme for this theme of Seasonal, is my home forest.

Autumn will soon be here – crisp air and colours, colours, colours

Snowy Silence
Winter dreams – when the snow comes . Euphoria!


Spring is the season I immerse myself in all the Green – My favourite season

Mera midsommar 2013 018

Summer – how difficult it was to find a forest picture…I guess I walk in my forest just as much as every other season, but no photographing!

13 comments on “Travel theme: Seasonal

  1. As always, Anne- C, you show Sweden at its very best. You photos should be in a travel magazine.They would boost the tourist numbers for sure! And it makes me pine for Sverige…. ( sorry bad pun!) hehe!

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