The Guggenheim, Bilbao – No Presentation Needed…

Many of us have seen numerous photos from this famous museum – so I guess it needs no introduction…And I will only present a few shots from my visit. The main reason for this is, that on the day we arrived, the temperature hit 42 degrees Celsius. Quite something above my normal temperature for normal functioning…

The first thing you meet when approaching the museum…is this giant of a terrier, who has become something of a city sign. Quite understandable!

The whole complex is best seen from the bridge behind the museum. The big spider, Maman, by Louise B, is gigantic in itself. In fact we had it on exhibition a couple of years ago at Vanås, some kilometres from where I live.

The Guggenheim Museum is a real treat already from its architecture. But, the next day we went inside – and we were not disappointed. The inside is just as gorgeous, both the exhibitions and in the architecture. And it was about 17 degrees cooler…


23 comments on “The Guggenheim, Bilbao – No Presentation Needed…

  1. I visted 2 weeks ago, I spent about 5 hours there but could have made a day of it! The best part was the Yves Klein painting, and the smoke installation outside. Also, Basquiat. I’ve never seen one up close!!

    • Thanks so much…I had to sit down all the time and fiddling with the camera when I was soaking all over is not optimal. Sat inside (!) an air conditioned pub all that day…And as a Swede I love everything outdoor…Thinking of Spain today – 45 degrees and bush fires on TV last night. Poor people.

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