Vilnius – Lace Curtains and Glass Giants

Why do many of us love things with history, crafted things with ”life” inside – more than the newest of new? We know that we cannot stop development and the growing cities, but my heart aches when everything old is falling apart and being replaced with – what? Soulless machine made things, gigantic glass houses …and more.

As I was walking north, out of the restored Old Town Vilnius, the typical wooden houses appeared again – and I had been waiting for them. In Uzupis we saw some, but now their full glory hit me. Planted in lush gardens, they were also home to several cats and dogs.

The houses may be dilapidated, but the owners’ love of fruit and berries, flowers and details like colours and lace curtains…

…bring gracefulness and beauty to any worn down house. This is what life was in the old days. Now they are all living in the shadows of glass giants and heavy traffic. And, soon they will all be gone, the houses and their inhabitants, and all that is left will be some photos and maybe glimpses in old people’s memories.


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Halva verket är läsarens - så, vad säger Du? As the second half is the reader's - I'd love to have Your line!

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