Why This Garden is My Home!


35 comments on “Why This Garden is My Home!

  1. You have a talent for photography. I read books about hedgehogs in gardens. Our groundhogs in the US don’t look anything like yours. Ours are huge and actually climb trees to evade foxes and kids with bikes. Yours are adorable.

    • Thank you for commenting! Interesting – and news to me. So they climb trees? Really? Ours can get bigger than this little one though. He was really tiny. The average size of them is at least the double. Do you have a photo of one of yours?

  2. … my heart has gone so soft now … I just love them, when I was young my grandma had a couple living under her house … there is no evil in those creatures. How cares about the contraventions when eating something we really like. Good for him. That top image .. priceless.

    • I have got him and his sibling and his mum – I think. Not as exotic or dangerous as your garden friends usually are! But we both love our natural friends 💚

  3. your hoglet in the plum orchard is pure joy –
    [on the sadder side hedgehogs are in serious decline in the UK since the replacement of garden hedges with walls, slug pellets etc – how about where you live?]

  4. I can not believe what I see here – such beautiful shots of that cute little hedgehog. I used to collect them in all shapes and sizes for a time back in England, because we too had one in our garden, but no plum trees, so I had to feed that little fellow.Btw – did you see ”my little helper” in one of the photos in my last post? Top right hand corner 🙂 🙂 🙂

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