WPC: Rare

The Kea, a smart and rare bird from New Zealand, known among other things for its demolishing of cars…

Kea (New Zealand) Known for its demolishing of cars...


24 comments on “WPC: Rare

  1. Way back in the early 70’s I was lucky in that I got to touch one of these at a cage bird exhibition at the Alexander Palace, London, mmm, scratching head, or was it the Kakapo? One of them for sure, for it, and the owner, allowed us to scratch its head. Was hoping that I would retrieve which one from that last remark, but no, just cant remember which one it was. So sad that they are both struggling in the wild. The Kakapo, last time I heard, there was only one surviving on one of the mainland isles, a male, and, cant remember how many, but more are surviving on some of the small isles around N.Z. coast. Many thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure. Best wishes,

    Redan på tidigt 70-tal jag var tur att jag fick ta en av dessa på en bur fågel utställning på Alexander Palace, London, mmm, skrapa huvudet, eller var det kakapoer? En av dem säkert, för det, och ägaren, tillät oss att skrapa huvudet. Var att jag skulle hämta som en från som senast anmärkning, men nej, bara minns inte vilken det var. Så sorgligt att de kämpar båda i vilt. Kakapo, sista gången jag hört, det var bara en överlevande på en av fastlandet öarna, en hane, och, cant minns hur många, men mer överlever på några av de små öarna runt N.Z. kusten. Många tack för din underbara äventyr. Varmaste lyckönskningar


    PS Please let me know if the Bing translation was good or bad?

    • Interesting, Mick, and I think it must have been a Kea you met. The Kakapo is even more rare and it would be very strange if you had met one.
      The translation is really not very good – there are too many grammar mistakes in such translations. I would stick to the English one.

    • You are right- the Kea is a parrot. In fact the only alpine parrot in the world. Very smart and clever. They even use tools to get what they want.

      • Goshy-Poshy! A parrot with a tool is a true menace!)))) I adore these kind of birds for their intelligence and creativity. We used to have three parrakeets by now. One was especially smart: he learnt to type on the keyboard, liked to to talk through the receiver and often, discussing something with a mobile, he said: ‘I must call to Prosha.’ (It was his friend as we comprehended).

    • Very clever birds. Investigating everything and can be taught many good things as well. Picking up trash and putting it in its right place for example! I have seen it myself. Smart and beautiful – good combo!

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