WPC: Narrow

As much as I like the open landscape, I also like things narrow – unless it turns up in nightmares where I am stuck in a narrow tunnel, unable to go either forwards or backwards…

For more things narrow, click here.


The tunnel leading to  Cuevas de Valporquero, Spain. In reality – not a nightmare!


18 comments on “WPC: Narrow

  1. Such an amazing shot, Leya. That looks like a tunnel leading to a mysterious place. I’m quite the opposite of you. Sometimes I’ll have dreams where I am running in an open space, and in the dream I get scared of not knowing where I’m going and which way I’m going 😀

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos from your trip. Hope it was a good one and rest well 🙂

    • Interesting dreams, and really the opposite. I wonder what dreams tell us about ourselves…I used to go to a dream group some years ago, where we presented our dreams and followed a certain pattern to help the dreamer understand his/her dream. Each dream took avout two hours to go through. Do you have groups like that where you live?

      • I have never heard of groups like that, never knew they existed. My dreams are very varied, some more scary than others, and others more calming than the rest.

      • Mine are varied as well. The most frequent ones have been stressful dreams about not being on time or not finding the right place or the right door to open…

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