Thursday Thoughts – Magnificent Tullstorp

We were so fortunate to get a guided tour at Tullstorp, the world famous dressage stable run by Jan Brink. Situated only fifteen kilometres from where we live, this was a fantastic opportunity for a look into another world.


As a young boy Jan Brink played hockey in his home village, but as all the young girls were hanging at the stable, he gave the horses a chance…In some months he was hooked, and this was to be his future career. He studied at Flyinge and in Germany for some years, and then went for an international career.


Jan Brink is one of the best riders in the world and a seven-time Swedish dressage champion  – five times on the number one dressage horse Björsell’s Briar.


Brink has won five medals in international championships, and in 2005 he was the first Swede to win the dressage championship in Aachen.


Jan Brink is a self-made man, and unbelievably hard working. Going for shampionships,  educating new horses and riders –  and top class horse breeding serving customers all over the world. According to him, having talent is far from enough – you must be prepared to work hard and go for your dreams.


The magnificent Tullstorp was built by a humble man, and a perfectionist – Jan Brink. Every detail in harmony.


The dressage arena…in late evening light. Thank you, Jan, for a magnificent tour!



20 comments on “Thursday Thoughts – Magnificent Tullstorp

    • Thanks Lola – We weee really grateful that he spent some of his precious time with us. A few hours later he was off with the Swedish team for the European shampionships…

  1. ”According to him, having talent is far from enough…” Jan sounds like such an inspirational figure, and so good to see that he is doing what he loves and achieving his dreams around the world. Who knows where we’ll go when we work hard and just focus on what makes us happy and giving back to those around us… What a stable he has built and those horses look very calm and serene in those stables. He must take care of each and every one of them and give them the attention they need 🙂

    So nice of him to host you, and what an amazing sunset over the stables. Beautiful shots all round, and Jan seems like a very down-to-earth guy 🙂

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