Don’t Tell Me Grey is Only Grey

In Sweden we use the word ”grey”about things old, dull and dark. A grey day, a grey future, everything looks grey, an old and grey lady or gentleman.

De vilda blommornas dag 008_copyBut, the colour grey is just as much a perfect contrasting colour…

De vilda blommornas dag 122_copyas a beautiful colour in its own right. Not only ”only”…

De vilda blommornas dag 010_copyWhat do you associate the colour grey with in your country?


23 reaktioner på ”Don’t Tell Me Grey is Only Grey

  1. I associate that colour with the grey nights. That are the nights in summer which are not dark enough to observe the stars and planets. I work in a observatory 😉

    • You do! Interesting. I have never thought of those nights as grey. Do you really work in an observatory? Fascinating. Then you must have great views of comets and such phenomena ordinary people would love to take a closer look at.

  2. Den grå vardagen!

    Sometimes we jokingly refer to our cat as “Eminence Grise” because he’s so grey (as we spell it here).

    När vi adopterade McDuff, bodde vi i fransktalande Quebec. I pappren som kom med katten stod det ”chat gris”, vilket såg roligt ut för mig som svensk. Jag sa till min man ”har vi köpt grisen i säcken?” LOL

    • Haha, precis. Språk är mycket intressant och får oss att söka jämförelser och betydelser bakåt. Vi hittar släktskap ord emellan och förstår att vi/allt hänger ihop.

  3. Grey economy. Grey eminence (”uncle in the background”). Grey heads. Grey clouds in grey sky. Mostly not good. I love your photos, a good contrast! Except little grey cells. We love those. 🙂

    • Thank you Ruth! And I do not think it poor manners when people give a link to the question asked. How would we manage to go on with the conversation if no one contributed? Thank you so much! It seems we have about the same thinking here and there…

      • Awww thanks Leya. It was good to be reminded of my ”gray post”and your post definitely did start a thoughtful conversation.

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