Thursday Thoughts

For almost a week now we have had extremely hot weather in the south of Sweden. And we know that last year was the hottest ever here – and on Earth.

Of course this gives us wonderful mornings – and evenings. Something to be grateful for.

But, northeners are not made for this. Our bodies protest. The evening walk with my dog cannot start until 7.30 p.m. He is not well prepared for the heat either (he did not come with a zipper…) – 33.5 C yesterday.

This is the end of May and the beginning of June. If we ever have those high temperatures, then it might happen some day in July or August.

It is beautiful, it is a wonderful evening by the sea, but it feels neither real nor all right.

Today we are having the biggest migration of people – ever – in Europe, and what will these climate changes bring? Yes, even more migration…people trying to save what is left of their lives and trying to get a new start, a new life, somewhere else. Some islands have already disappeared.

This is only the beginning of the end.

As always, click the pictures to enlarge –  sometimes you have to click twice.

21 reaktioner på ”Thursday Thoughts

  1. Visst är det obehagligt allt detta som sker. Frågan är ju hur och vad man kan göra för att det ska bli sp bra som möjligt. Klimatförändringarna är läskiga tycker jag.

    • Jag håller verkligen med. Skrämmande är också att vi inte gör något fortare…och att man förmodligen inte vet vad eller hur man ska hantera det heller.

  2. How beautiful your area of Sweden is and you have an artists eye for composition. But I find it strange to think of Sweden as being so hot I always thought it was a coolish country

    • You are very kind in your comment on my pictures, thank you! And we live in a cool country…or used to do…This kind of heat we seldom have, and this one started already in May. We are not used to it and most of us do not want it. I think many Swedes also fear the climate changes.

  3. Beautiful images of your part of Sweden, Leya. Stunning nature and that water is such an exquisite blue – and I imagine so is the sky over there in summer. Lovely scenes on your walk.

    That sounds like warm days for you. Keep cool and try to stay in the shade. Sometimes when you feel too hot, it is better to stay indoors. Take care and take it easy 🙂

    • Thank you, Mabel, in fact I have stayed indoors as much as I could these days. Only in the early morning and late evening I go out. Poor Totti is suffering…no way to get rid of his warm fur coat…

    • Jag är en väldigt enkel människa – jag har inga filter och ingen tripod, ingen macro och tycker bara om att fotografera. Jag vill gärna att naturen gör sitt och jag bara försöker fånga det.

  4. You have too high temperatures and we are having much to much water. Already ten peoples died in Germany because of the water. Global climate change?

    • I have seen it in the news about you – yes. I do believe the whole thing is getting worse. It makes me and many other people frightened and anxious. Governments must wake up and not postpone everything. But money rules…

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