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I have done much camping in my days…many of us have. As a child I loved it, then as a young woman in love, we camped all over Europe during the summers. Some camping in the mountains, hiking and some camping with my students…but now, it is over.

Or… almost.

If staying at a Berber camp for two days, in tents, and having a camp fire in The Sahara Desert, is camping, then I have camped again… last month. Our tent was the one to the right, with a yellow entrance carpet.

At the far end of the camp were the toilets – and to my great disappointment, they were ordinary toilets – just like those at home…The washing basins outdoors though.

The adventure started with a marvellous camel ride over the dunes, and enjoying the colourful sunset from the top dunes.Back at the camp, we were treated to a real feast – or at least it felt so after our long day…

We had some delicious tagine by candle light in the main tent, and then we sat by the fire under the stars, listening to each others’ stories. Just existing.

We all slept well that night, but some of us woke up early…trying to find our way in the dizziness of the silence of unfamiliar surroundings.

I had expected it to be very cold during the night – we had been told to bring warm clothes. But three o’clock in the morning the air was soft and smooth, fresh and only a bit cool.

Marocko 805_copy2

Finally back at our tent, I admired yesterday’s fireplace in the clear morning light, went inside the tent, and fell asleep again.

Before leaving the camp the day after, I enjoyed the sun seeping through our carpet, and the joy of photographing our tent in daylight. The bed was very warm and comfortable, and we were provided with all sorts of bed linen, blankets, duvets, etc.

A last look at the camp and the ”restaurant”, then we left what had been the highlight of our journey.

IMG_6755_copyThe rest of my desert adventures will have to wait for a post of their own.

Marocko 977_copy

I was just thinking that, maybe one day…we will be back in the Sahara again…

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29 reaktioner på ”Travel theme: Camping

  1. That looks to be the most amazing experience and I can understand it being a highlight. I still remember camping in the Thar Desert in India, even though it was 30 years ago

  2. My uncle just returned from Morocco, I’ll publish some of his photographs soon, and he slept in a very similar tent village. I was surprised to see the tents were black, but I guess it’s better to absorb the heat during the day for the cold of the nights. He has seen plenty elsewhere but this was his first time in Morroco and was mesmerised. He hated the camel ride, though 😀

    • I think you are right about the black colour, but I’m sorry to hear he did not like the camel ride! I would do it again any time.

  3. what an experience Ann-Christine. It does look like you had a great time in the Desert – this is camping ‘in style’. I am afraid I belong to that group of people who always hated camping: ”roughing it” as it was called in England. But!! your kind of camping is a different thing – but why does one only come across this when one is not 21 any longer? 🙂 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful time with us here. Carina

    • Carina – a very good question…All those movies about living your life backwards – sometines I think there would have been some advantages…

  4. 🙂 Funny – No matter how much you read/watch documentaries – I NOW want to camp in the Sahara, after reading this post! first for me, but, how can you not love comfort of warmth when you were told it would be cold and sitting around the campfire sharing stories?!? 😀 There are to documentary series that have the word, ”Us” coupled with ”The Story of” in it, here, in USA, that I have watched – won’t even comment on each, because not sure where they are right and where I need to broaden my horizons to be better…BUT! I’ve always loved the beauty of the Sahara landscape – put it on my list of, ‘enjoy vicariously! You are scared of snakes – snakes like hot – AVOID!” – – LOL Maybe, just maybe, after a few more years of reading about your awesome adventures, I can successfully camp in the Sahara, without running into, ”Throw her to the Snakes! Have you Ever Seen such a whiner in your life?~?” LOL – Beautiful pics – Enjoying so much your Share of Sahara Safari! 🙂

    • I’m not sure if we have those programmes here…but I do know that you would enjoy camping there just as much as I did! And there were no snakes…Thank you for commenting!

    • Well, it was. I would have liked to stay longer…I loved the sunrise and the sunset as well. We were lucky with the weather – some days before there was a sand storm.

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