SL-WEEK: Reflection


For Sylvain Landry – Reflection. I love the way the world changes in reflections. In the header, a photo from somewhere in China, where many separate worlds are revealed …and the second photo is from my forest at home. My world.

Bäcken lever. The brook comes alive when the ice is gone.
Bäcken lever. The brook comes alive when the ice is gone.


24 comments on “SL-WEEK: Reflection

  1. Two beautiful photos about mirror and reflection, Leya. Love how the glass makes it look like the two photos combined into one in the first photo. And I think I see you, hard at work at what you are good at and love doing 😉

    Love the caption that goes along with the second photo. Very fitting. It is reminiscent of the notion of two worlds, two worlds within the ice. Ice is cold, brings snow. But ice also melts, and sometimes that makes for a brighter day.

  2. I love both of these, Ann-Christine. The first is full of so much richness, with the feel of opening up into something else entirely. The second is like something from a fairy tale. So well done!


      • Right where your arms/hands are there’s the appearance of the torn edge of something through which we can see the background with the lamps and walls and so forth. It’s one of the reasons I love the shot. It’s as if there are different dimensions or places all in the same photo.

      • Yes, this photo revealed other dimensions when I opened it up in the computer. When taking the photo, I could not see this. I photographed the lamp, I think, facing the shop window. But I like what came out of it. Thank you for the explanation!

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