Travel theme: Books

Squeezing in my entry the last minute…but books are irresistable.

Two old books of mine – about famous travellers and travels. And the header shows a photo from an exhibition of the famous Swedish photographer Helene Schmitz. Books still standing in her burnt down home.




13 comments on “Travel theme: Books

  1. Beautiful books! We have many books by Sven Hedin, how to nice to meet him here. Love the first image, Ann Christine, it’s very impressive.
    Ha en god helg! 🙂

  2. A-C, that top image … even if it’s not yours! I went to her exhibition too and I especially loved the section with her photos of her burnt down family estate. The respect and beauty in her art.

    • We are – and Shakespeare’s Birthday and day of Death as well. I can imagine the great celebrations in England, and they are huge here in Sweden as well!

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